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TWC Consulting Forestry is a professional consulting business that provides complete forest management and timber marketing services for private landowners.

Timber Sales and Marketing

A professionally managed timber harvest removes the mature, damaged, and poor quality trees. It leaves your woodland healthier and more productive. As a consultant, I will conduct your timber sale from start to finish. This includes careful selection of the trees to harvest, sale inventory, advertising, soliciting bids, conducting tours for bidders, assessing the bids, negotiating/preparing contracts, handling payments, closing the sale, and overseeing the logging process. The key to a successful timber sale is the bidding process on the open market. Landowners always receive the greatest return through the bid process. You deserve fair market value for your timber. A detailed advertisement will recruit buyers over a large area. When buyers compete with others, they bid accordingly. I will also provide a complete sale contract to protect you and your woodland. Do not forfeit income by undervaluing your timber. Have TWC Consulting Forestry conduct the sale and get it done right.

Forest Management Plans

Management plans are tailored to meet the landowner’s needs and help qualify the land for CAUV tax reduction. This service may provide a full inventory of your woodland. The inventory is included in a written management plan unique to your forestland. The plan includes a definition of owner objectives, land history and description, detailed description of timber with volume tables, and a schedule of recommended management practices. The forest management plan is geared to your goals for the future of your woodland, which may or may not include timber harvest.

Timber Appraisal

Our timber appraisal will provide you with an estimated value of your timber. Prices of timber fluctuate with supply, demand, tree species, tree size, acreage, topography, and many other factors. The appraisal will provide an inventory of the woodland. The number of trees, species, and measurements are recorded and converted to volume estimates meaningful to buyers and representative of current market conditions.

Why should you use a consulting forester?

Bottom line, a consulting forester assures you will receive:

• full market value for your timber (often thousands of dollars of increased revenue) • a professional, legal bid process • contracts that protect the landowner’s interests • oversight of the harvest process to assure best practices • professional judgment in managing your forest land • protection of your investment in forested land

Consultant Adam Beichler holds a degree in forestry from The Ohio State University. He has years of experience in timber management and harvest on privately owned woodlots.Let Adam help you manage your Forestry needs. Email him at or call him at 877-359-5235 for more information.Download a ForestryBrochure


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