Native Plant Sale


Native plants attract wildlife like bees and butterflies,
promote biodiversity and help conserve threatened wildlife populations.

TWC’s Native Plant Sale is an opportunity to find a large selection of plants
not available at most nurseries. Plan for spring by checking out the catalogs below
for colorful photos, plant size, sun, water and soil requirements.

View our Plant Sale catalogs:
Prairie Species Catalog
Woodland Species Catalog
Wetland Species Catalog
Complete Plant List

Small pots $4 – $7

Gallon pots $10 – $14
10% off for TWC members


Plants not sold on Saturday will be available for sale on Sunday.


Gardening Seminars
Saturday, April 30

$5 per session


Cultivating Carnivorous Plants
Julia Wiesenberg, Summit County Master Gardener
We will discuss the lifestyles of Ohio’s native purple pitcher plant and round-leaved sundew. You will also learn to cultivate carnivorous plants in your own home. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase potted carnivorous houseplants to enjoy in your own home!

Native Plants for Native Pollinators

Mary Galea, Pollinator Partnership Plant Ecologist
Planting native plants is one of the most important actions people can take to support our native pollinators. But what plants attract what native pollinators? Mary will introduce you to Ohio’s native pollinators and their favorite plants.

Nature’s Calendar

Denise Ellsworth, OARDC, Department of Entomology/Extension
Phenology is the study of recurring biological phenomena and their relationship to weather and climate. Participants will learn how phenology tells us what’s blooming and what insect activity is imminent. With an easy-to-use web-based biological calendar, participants will learn how to customize this calendar for garden plants and insect pests.

How to Plan for Your Tree’s Future

Jeanne Poremski, Stark County Master Gardener
Take care of the new, young and old trees in your yard by learning about their needs and habits. Information will include proper tree habitat, pruning young to middle age trees and making decisions about mature trees.

Wildflower Walk – Free

Paula and Tim Lavey, TWC Botanizers
Enjoy a nature walk to learn the names of the spring wildflowers!

Pay at the door, or pre-register by calling 330-359-5235.


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