Nature Store

The Wilderness Center’s Nature Store

Avoid the crowds and shop for unique items with no lines and no waiting!

Our nature store is not just a book store! We have beautiful jewelry, fun items for children, bird feeders, accessories and so much more!

Eco Science Kits

Eco friendly, creative, Green Science Kits will ignite children’s interest in science.

These kits help demonstrate basic principles of electricity, mechanics, and solar energy. (no batteries required)

Choose your kit from these selections: Weather Station, Enviro Battery, Eco Science Toys, Solar Robot and Potato Clock.

Makes a great science project for class!

Our Nature Bookstore is filled with nesting boxes, beautiful feeders, bird baths and of course, birdseed!!! Our bookstore features unique items for enjoying Nature and the Wildlife around you.

Some of the special features of the bookstore are books on wildlife, bird feeders, childrens books and puppets, t-shirts, nature music and much more.

Call Rebecca Cyphert at 877-359-5235 for more information on the bookstore.





















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