Native Plant Sale

Dreaming of spring gardens? Make a plan to plant native, and attend our Native Plant Sale & Gardening Seminars. View the Plant Sale catalog here.

Natural History of Amish Country

Join us for an exploration of cultural and natural history in the heart of Amish Country.

Summer Days

Have a nature adventure together when you sign-up for two days of age-based enrichment and exploration with your child!

Summer Fun

Summer will be here before you know it! Start making a plan for some summer fun and enrichment opportunities to make the most of it!

School & Youth Groups

Whether you are a teacher or youth group leader, TWC offers nature exploration opportunities designed to help your children discover the world around them.

Foxfield Preserve

Foxfield Preserve is a nature preserve cemetery operated by The Wilderness Center, offering a beautiful resting place and a meaningful legacy.

Wilderness Center