Congratulations to students from the College of Wooster who created the following video describing our Fox Creek restoration! We enjoyed working with you.

Native Plant Sale

View catalogs for our Native Plant Sale and plan your gardens now. Online ordering will begin on April 1st!

Astronomy Day

Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the universe! Join us to learn about new discoveries and ongoing research in this fascinating field of study.

Backyard Habitat Initiative

Learn how your actions at home can build complex food webs, protect watersheds, connect fragmented habitats and store carbon.

Your Wild Classroom

Enhance your elementary student’s natural science studies with monthly courses that will get your child outside – observing, studying, and learning.

Consulting Forestry

TWC Consulting Forestry is a professional consulting business that provides complete forest management and timber services for private landowners.

Foxfield Preserve

Foxfield Preserve is a conservation burial ground operated by The Wilderness Center, offering a beautiful resting place and a meaningful legacy.