Board of Trustees

Officers and Executive Committee 2016

President — Jeff Dafler

1st Vice President — Chuck Jakubchak

2nd Vice President—Rich Shernit

Secretary — Arlene Nussbaum

Treasurer— John Pound

Member-at-Large—Judy Kenny

Member-at-Large—John Humphrey

’17  Roger Baker-Canton

’17  Herb Broda-Wooster

’18   V. Susan Cook-Akron

’17   Jeffrey Dafler-Canton

’19   Alan R. Dolan-Massillon

’18   John Humphrey-Delroy

’18   James Jelinek-Dalton

’17   Chuck Jakubchak-Strongsville

’18   Judith Kenny-Dalton

’17   Lola Lewis-Canton

’18   Marilyn (Lyn) D. Loveless-Wooster

’18   Arlene Nussbaum-Dalton

’17   John Pound-North Canton

’18   Monty Reed-Canton

’19   Tim Regula-Brewster

’17   Robert E. Rohrbaugh-Massillon

’19   Robert J. Shedlarz-Navarre

’18   Richard Shernit-Canton

’18   Marchelle Suppan-Orrville

’17   Howard Wise-New Philadelphia

Emeritus / Honorary

Andy Haag

Joseph J. Sommer

David D. Hoecker

Ralph S. Regula- Honorary

Note: Beginning with Directors elected for the first time in 2005 there will be term limits. Each Director elected for the first time in 2005 may only serve two three-year terms. They may rejoin the board after taking one year off the board. They may continue to serve the center in any capacity except as a board member.


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