Backyard Habitat

The Wilderness Center and our community partner, Stark Soil and Water Conservation District, would like to invite you to become a conservationist at home! Learn how your actions can build complex food webs, protect watersheds, connect fragmented habitats and store carbon.

Wilderness Center programs are $10 per person. Register below or call 330-359-5235. Stark Soil and Water programs are free; call the District at 330-451-7645 to receive sign-in instructions and the link.


Promoting Wildlife Diversity in Your Yard
Friday, February 19, 6:30 pm, TWC program online
Discover the importance of – and how to begin – healthy plant communities in our yards.

Gardening with Native Plants
Friday, March 19, 6:30 pm, TWC program online
From the first blossoms of spring to the last blooms of fall, learn about the Ohio native plants you can use in your gardens.

Connecting Rainwater to Your Yard
Thursday, March 25, 6:30 pm, Presented online by Stark Soil and Water Conservation District.
Learn how to use native rain gardens in your backyard to enhance its beauty while reducing wet areas.

Naturalizing Your Yard
Friday, April 9, 6:30 pm, TWC program online
Saturday April 10, 11:00 at TWC*
Discover the process of transforming lawns into areas that mimic naturally occurring habitats like forests and meadows.

Composting & Rain Barrels
Tuesday, April 13 , 6:30 pm, Presented online by Stark Soil and Water Conservation District.
Explore easy to install green practices for your backyard to promote sustainability.

Garden Design with Native Plants
Friday, April 23, 6:30 pm TWC program online
Saturday April 24, 11:00 at TWC*

Learn how and where plants thrive in the wild to guide our use of native plants in the landscape.

Native Plant Sale & Pre-order Pickup
Saturday, May 1, 9:00-3:00
Sunday, May 2, 1:00-4:00
TWC’s online Native Plant Sale will open on April 1. The Native Plant Nursery at TWC will be open for sales starting May 1.

Rain Garden Tour
Saturday, May 1, 11:00-1:00 at TWC*
TWC and Stark Soil & Water partnered to create a native rain garden at The Wilderness Center’s headquarters. Tour the rain garden and learn about its progress.

The Wildlife in Your Yard
Saturday May 8, 11:00 at TWC*
Wildlife can make their homes in our landscapes, learn how to live with them!

Best Native Plants for The Birds and Bees
Saturday May 22, 11:00 at TWC*
Top picks for attracting wildlife to your yard to help birds, bees, butterflies and more!


*Check website for updates and COVID protocols.


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