Ecotours with The Wilderness Center


Ecotours with The Wilderness Center

Many of us as employees of The Wilderness Center have led ecotours. Carrie specializes in trips that include all aspects of nature, including carcasses. She has led trips to Pennekamp, Colorado, Bruce Pennisila, Yellowstone, and Indiana Dunes. Joann led many day tours around the state of Ohio to see the mounds and other areas of interest. I arrange my tours around birding and have taken groups to the Dry Tortugas, Arizona, Ecuador and am going to Costa Rica in January, 2015.

There are many benefits to travelers of these tours. The Wilderness Center employee makes all of your travel arrangements with a local guide and acts as your guide from TWC. They make sure all of your meals, lodging and national park visits along with travel arrangements are complete. They work with the local guide to come up with great adventures.

The largest benefit of ecotours to the travelers is  traveling to national parks that are treasures, learning the local culture and environment and  having your vacation in nature, learning about nature.

You are also traveling with “nature minded” people and some of our travelers are going as a single. We match them up to someone with similar benefits to room with and by the end of the ecotour everyone has made new friends, shared life enriching experiences.

In Costa Rica we will spend 10 days traveling the entire country. Visiting all the national parks and waterfalls and treasures. We will see birds, monkeys, sloths, snakes, butterflies, plants insects and more. We will eat the local food and meet the local families that make ecotourism possible. We shall return with an experience of the country that we will never forget.

On our last day in Ecuador on Antisana (the tallest inactive volcano in Ecuador at 18,500 ft.) I had the pleasure of overhearing two of our women talking on our hike “This is the most amazing thing we’ve ever done). We were the only travelers at this national park treasure. We saw many species of birds, wild fox, wild horses, Andean deer, and yes, a carcass for Carrie. This type of comment makes the trips all worth while as this is the experience we are hoping to give our travelers.

We will be organizing another ecotour to Ecuador late 2015. If you are interested, let us know! This is definately a trip of a lifetime!

Vicki L. Whitt

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