Embrace the Season!


Get ready – one septillion (that’s 24 zeroes) ice crystals will fall in the US this winter! We might as well embrace the season! Here are some ideas to get the family outside and in the snow.

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for summer. You can make a list that includes items like acorns, animal tracks, seed pods, and a stick shaped like a “Y”. Or have your kids look for the longest icicle, or the fattest one or one smaller than their little finger. You could also include items like a squirrel, pine cone, nest, berries or a feather.

Sometimes it’s fun to “salt” the scavenger hunt with your own items. One popular twist is to freeze ice cubes made from water colored with food dye. Hide these around your yard in the snow and see how long it takes for kids to find all the colorful cubes.

Here’s a great snowy activity from the Appalachian Mountain Club. “Winter Horseshoes” can be played by burying a wide-mouthed water bottle flush with the snow. A can or bowl works well also. Just gather some small stones and try to toss them in from several yards back.

Oh – don’t forget to make snow angels! That’s classic tradition-building winter fun.

Let’s go outside!

Dr. Herb Broda
OCVN, Professor Emeritus,
Ashland University

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