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As fall makes way for winter, I start to think about feeding the birds. Making a bird feeder is a great family project that personalizes nature in an active and engaging way.

This great example of a homemade Christmas tree feeder comes from the publishers of Birds and Blooms magazine. All you need is one of those cone-like tomato cages that are now stored in your garage. The cone shape becomes a form for the tree. First, cover the wire cage with evergreen or other seasonal foliage. Next, spend an evening stringing popcorn and some cranberries on string or thread creating an edible garland to put on your tree.

Instead of ornaments, add pine cones smeared in peanut butter and then rolled in birdseed. You can also accent the decorations with fresh fruit slices, or even some dried fruit. See if you can find some suet cakes shaped like a bell or star to put at the top of your “tree”.

The beauty of this project is that you can keep it going for much of the winter season. Occasionally replenish the goodies that have been eaten by grateful visitors. Of course, the feeder is only the beginning—the real fun comes in seeing how many different birds come to visit.

Let’s go outside!

Dr. Herb Broda
OCVN, Professor Emeritus,
Ashland University

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