TWC Consulting Forestry

T.W.C. Consulting Forestry is a professional consulting company that provides complete forest management and timber marketing services to land owners across eastern Ohio.

T.W.C. Consulting Forestry is a part of The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio. The Wilderness Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on nature education and land conservation. Proceeds from T.W.C.Consulting Forestry aid in the conservation of land in Northeast Ohio.

We look at the full spectrum of the forest by taking a multiple resource approach to management which includes timber, wildlife, water, recreation, and aesthetics. A forest is much more than the trees growing in it. To maintain healthy trees, multiple factors need to be taken into account. This is an entire ecosystem approach to management.

Our mission is to represent the interests of the land owner to achieve a management timeline that will work towards the improvement of your woodland while meeting specific goals and objectives.

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We offer a wide range of services, and are happy to adjust to the specific needs of our clients and the demands of their properties. Please visit the individual pages of our varied offerings to learn more.

Timber Harvests

Management Planning

Timber Trespass

Green Certification

Timber Stand Improvement

We offer on-the-ground implementation of specific management operations such as grape vine control, invasive species control, and crop tree release.



A Professional Forester:

  • Protects the interests of the land owner.
  • Protects the future value of your forest and investment.
  • Gets the best value for you timber asset – often thousands of dollars in increased revenue.
  • Has knowledge of local timber markets and trends.
  • Maintains relationships with loggers and timber buyers.
  • Aids in planning and implementation of a sustainable timber harvest.
  • Takes multiple factors into account such as timber, wildlife habitat, water quality, soil quality, aesthetics, and recreation.
  • Recommend pre- and post-harvest activities that will maintain and increase the health of the forest.
  • Aids in long-term management planning to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Aids in qualification for the C.A.U.V. and O.F.T.L. programs which can greatly reduce your property taxes.


Healthy Forests

Forest management is the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of the forest to meet the needs and goals of landowners and society.

Timber values can only reach their full potential through proper management and marketing. Management involves professional planning and timely implementation of practices that will affect the forest.

Sound management can provide a number of benefits to you as a landowner, including an alternate source of income, wildlife diversity, recreation, environmental conservation, aesthetics, and soil and water conservation. Forest management planning also qualifies you for two property tax reduction programs in the state of Ohio. The C.A.U.V. and O.F.T.L. programs can significantly reduce your property taxes on forested land.

Your woodlands have the potential to grow more wood and increase greatly in value if properly managed through periodic thinning of mature and poor quality trees.


Consulting Forester Adam Beichler has experience in forest management that spans across the state of Ohio. He has been involved in the management of major land bases for Timber Investment Management Organizations, as well as privately owned woodlots for families.


Professional Affiliations
Society of American Foresters Certified – Forester #160440
Member Society of American Foresters
Certified Ohio Tree Farm Inspector
Ohio Tree Farm Committee – Area 2 Chair
Member of the Association of Consulting Foresters 
NRCS Technical Service Provider
KY Division of Forestry – Cooperating Forester

The Ohio State University 2005 graduate
Bachelor of Science in Forest Management