Land Steward Volunteers

Citizen Conservation Program at The Wilderness Center

Eminent biologist Edward O. Wilson stated that the two greatest threats to biodiversity on the planet are: 1) habitat destruction and 2) invasive species. We have a chance to protect the biodiversity right here at TWC. If left unchecked, the Center will begin to see a decrease in many species including birds, mammals, and amphibians. Please help us in our fight to protect the lands that all of you care about. Become a Citizen Conservationist!

The task of managing our land is ever growing.  The primary obstacle keeping us from reaching our management goals is manpower.  Many of our projects focus on very basic tasks that can only be completed manually. Winter is the perfect time of year to reduce the populations of invasive shrubs, such as autumn olive and glossy buckthorn, before we gear-up for garlic mustard removal in the spring. If you enjoy working outdoors and would like to help, please contact Land Conservation Manager, Gary Popotnik at or at 330-359-5235.


Over the last year TWC has:

* Planted over 29,000 native seedlings on 65 acres.

* Removed invasive shrubs from nearly 2 acres.

* Collected over 25 pounds of Tall Grass Prairie Seed.

* Worked with more than 230 volunteers to protect our forest and wetland systems.


Please join us to help keep the diversity of The Wilderness Center intact!