Nature Journal: Introduction to Journals and Phenology

February 15, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
9877 Alabama Ave SW
$95 includes full series of programs, "The Naturalists Notebook," journal and all curriculum materials.

Do you enjoy nature, but find yourself with lots of questions about what you are seeing? Nature journaling can be a wonderful way to connect with nature. The skills involved – slowing down, careful observation and questioning – serve to bring nature into sharper focus. Today, nature journaling takes on new importance, as we strive to understand the effects of changing climate, landscape use and disturbance. This series will use The Naturalist’s Notebook: An Observation Guide and 5-Year Calendar-Journal for Tracking Changes in the Natural World around You by Nathaniel T. Wheelwright and Bernard Heinrich as a template for exploration.

This week, join us for an introduction to Phenology and a look at how ecosystems and individuals adapt. You’ll receive your book, journal and ideas for getting started. Remaining series dates include April 11, June 20, September 5 and December 5.
All programs begin at 10:00.

Cost: $95 includes The Naturalist Notebook, journal, and all curriculum materials. If you took the class last year, and have your book and journal, you can sign up for $40 this year. There will be a mix of old and new activities.