Creating a Natural Heritage

There are some things to which we cannot assign monitary value…the trill of a frog…the glint of sunshine on water…the hush of a forest blanketed in snow, or the bonding that happens when sharing nature with your child, your parent or your partner in life.

There is no price guide for the things that enrich our lives the most.  Fifty years ago, we took these things for granted.  Many of us encountered nature on walks to school and play in local forests and fields.  By the mid-1960’s however, visionaries in our community recognized that these precious encounters with nature were gradually disappearing from our everyday lives.  We could no longer depend upon chance to provide the serenity of a walk in the woods or the thrill of a deer bursting from cover.  Intentional action was required to preserve our connection with nature.  These visionaries acted.  They founded The Wilderness Center (TWC) to ensure these precious encounters with nature would remain a part of our lives – our heritage.

History has proven the visionaries correct.  As incidental encounters with nature become even less frequent, it is up to us to take action to make sure those who inherit this small piece of the planet Earth will remail connected to nature.  One way we can do this is by supporting TWC’s Endowment Fund. 

An endowment gift to TWC supports nature forever.  TWC accepts gifts and bequests for its endowment in any amount.  Gifts can take the form of cash, stocks,bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s, retirement accounts, trust instruments, insurance, real estate and personal property.  The policy is 

to use a portion of the interest for the fund’s purpose and to reinvest the balance of the earnings to help the fund grow.  Since the principle is never invaded, the fund will last forever. 

Here at The Wilderness Center, we expect to be around a long time as well, continuing the work which brought you to us in the first place.