Benches on Trails

Benches on TWC Trails

There are many benches dedicated on the trails.

 Click on the name for a printable PDF and the location of the bench.

Wilderness Walk Benches







1. A Gift of God   Rita J. Hartman  Brave,             2 .  In Memory of Chris Montgomery 1958 – 1990

Honest, Loving







2.  In Memory of Chris Montgomery          4.  In Memory of Glen C. Neal & In Memory of Helen R. Neal 1958 – 1990







5.  In Memory of Thelma B. Shough                         6.  In Memory of W. Wren Shough







7.  Clyde M. Tschantz of Lisbon, Ohio  1898-1989     8.  In Memory of Joey Senger


 9.  In Loving Memory of Newell R. Davis 1927-2006  10. In Loving Memory “Shirley”  Luke & Carol Easter

Pond Trail Benches








10.  In Memory of April Clevenger                   11.  Paul A. Hughes (1936-2011)  In Loving Memory of Our Brother







12.  In Memory of Rick R. Rodak                           13.  In Memory of Dale R. and Ellenda B. Jefferson







14.  In Memory of Helen M. Sommer

Sugarcreek Benches

15.  In Loving Memory of Ronald Blair Wilson     16.  In Memory of Walt & Onilette Kropf

1934-2005                                                                   Let’s go down to the creek and listen to the bullfrogs.







17.  Doris J. “Dode” Drabeckand                       18.  In Memory of Richard Marion  09-19-23 – 07-16-06

 & Theodore A. Krantz                                                      a gentle man            

Sigrist Woods Trail

19.  In Loving Memory  Harold Babb (Father)  20.  In Memory of Clyde D and Arline (Mickey)

Rozalia Babb (Mother)  Larry Babb (Son)                 Fetrow







20.  In Memory of Clyde D and Arline (Mickey) Fetrow

Pioneer Path







22. Loving Memory of a Wonderful Father & Mother   23.  In Loving Memory An Amazing Grandmother Teacher,

William E. (1916-1996) and Doris E. Bair (5-18-01)                Friend Virginia (Ginny) Sand








24.  In Celebration of Amy Slowikowski           25.  In Loving Memory of Our Daughter and Grandson Joy 

Peace and Love Amy XO 1986                                        Diane Wilson 9-23-72 and Jared Matthew Wilson –                                                                                                         5-18 01

Fox Creek Trail

18.  In Memory of Richard Marion  09-19-23 – 07-16-06  A Gentle Man