Planned Giving

Your last will and testament is the foundation of your estate plan.  It is also the lasting expression of your love for your family and friends, as well as a legacy of support for those charitable causes you wish to see endure and flourish.  A bequest, or a gift to The Wilderness Center (TWC) designated in your will is an opportunity to make a positive and lasting difference in the environment and touch the lives of so many.

Imagine giving the gift of cleaner air and water or making our part of the world a healthier and more attractive place to live, 44.Discoveringfrogforpresswork and play.

Imagine opening a young person’s eyes to a world of marvels – nature at its finest and special exhibits designed to spark a child’s curiosity and imagination!  You can, you know – though a charitable bequest.

Even if you cannot afford to make a significant gift today, a bequest can allow you to meet your current financial obligations while making a commitment to support The Wilderness Center in the future.

  • A bequest is not payable until death, so it does not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime.
  • A bequest is revocable.  You can change your provisions at any time.
  • A bequest is private.  It is not filed or made public (unless you wish) until after your death.
  • A bequest can be a percentage of your estate or a stated dollar amount.  Others prefer to gift a percentage of the “residue” or what remains after paying all inheritances, debts and costs.

Think of all the good times you’ve enjoyed…your family, friends, the bounty of nature and the rewards of many years of hard work.  Your will can serve as a celebration of your life and a way to share the fruits of your labor with the ones you love and the causes you care about.  A will is much more than just a legal document.  It can be a lasting gift enjoyed by future generations of visitors to The Wilderness Center.

Information needed for indicating a bequest:

Our legal name: The Wilderness Center, Inc.

Our tax ID#: 34-0943581