Nature Study Series

“… identification of birds is simply the alphabet to the real study, the alphabet by means of which we may spell out the life habits of the bird.”  

Anna Botsford Comstock, (1854-1930)


Join us in your living room as we spell out the lives of birds during this 6-part series. We’ll look at how birds find mates, raise young, migrate, and adapt to their environment. Whether you feed birds in your backyard or travel the state chasing rare birds, this series will help you develop a deeper appreciation of our feathered friends.

2/23 – How is a Bird Like a Ballet Dancer? – look at bird body form and function, flight and feathers

3/2 – Bird Dating Profiles  –  explore mating strategies, the cost of catching a female’s eye, and the longevity of pair bonds

3/9 – Cute Chicks  – discover the ways birds protect their unhatched young  and examine the lives of young birds, survivorship rates and survival strategies

3/16 – One of These Things in Not Like the Others  –  delve into the adaptations that allow birds to live in harsh desert, arctic and pelagic (ocean) habitats

3/23 – The Name Game – explore how birds get their strange names, how we classify birds, and why it all matters

3/30 – Conservation of the World’s Birds – look at climate, fragmentation, habitat loss and other threats to the world’s – and the success stories that give us hope


Classes are $10 each or enjoy the entire 6-part series for $45. All courses will be held on Zoom at 6:30 p.m. Register below or call 330.359.5235. Series tickets are transferable.



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