Your Wild Classroom

Take your learning outdoors with The Wilderness Center!

Your Wild Classroom is a series of nature-based science modules that will get elementary students outside, observing, studying, and learning. The module contains four lessons, each including links to introductory videos, parent/teacher lesson plans, activities and worksheets. A live wrap-up and quiz show will review what was covered in each module and reinforce the fun of learning!

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Each module coincides with Ohio’s science standards for grades K-5. Activities and lessons will be geared for grades 3-5, but are easily adaptable by the teacher or homeschool parent for all elementary grades.

Cost: $25/module for members; $30/module for nonmembers

Register for all 4 modules and receive the bonus activity!

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Entomology – August 24
Insets and their kin are all around us, easy to find, and great classroom pets. We’ll learn to identify insect groups, discover their habitat preferences, and go on insect safaris.

Forestry – September 21
Get to know the forest AND the trees! We’ll learn how to identify trees, all of their important parts, and how they come together and make a forest, all by starting with the trees right out your door.

Soil – October 19
We walk on it every day, but how well do you know the ground beneath your feet? Soil is a very important part of any ecosystem and we’ll learn what makes it up and how it changes over time.

Ornithology – November 16
How is a bird like a ballet dancer? This module will answer that question and look at the many other adaptations that make bird so amazing.

Bonus Activity: Landforms and Mapping – December 14
Available when full semester is purchased.


Geology – January 11
Rocks rock, and geology rules. After reviewing the basic rock types, we’ll dig deeper into the geologic units of Ohio including the incredible fossils you may find while out adventuring.

Mammalogy – February 8
Being mammals ourselves, we have a natural affinity for the furry residents of our backyards. Take a closer look at skulls, behavior, and the tracks and signs that mammals leave behind.

Botany – March 8
Even the tallest trees start from the smallest seed. Journey along the life of a plant as we learn about survival strategies of plants of all shapes and sizes in a variety of habitats.

Herpetology – April 5
From the shelled to the slimy, reptiles and amphibians are important parts of our landscape. After learning about their unique adaptations, we’ll look at ways we can help these creatures survive and thrive.

Bonus Activity: Outdoor Adventure – April 26
Available when full semester is purchased.



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